Effective dog obedience training that is easy to understand and simple to implement for the whole family. Training your dog couldn't be more easier.

We use only the latest training methods when it comes to obedience training for your dog. Our training methods are family friendly and can be used by anyone who wishes to improve their dog's behavior. Obedience training isn't always just about a well behaved dog, it's about a dog that fits in well with the family and understands boundaries. We offer all basic dog obedience principles and advanced obedience training for those that require a little more "oomf"!

Having a well trained dog is not only good for your dog but also great for you as the owner. Having a dog that has undergone obedience training means you can have easier walks, more control when going out and also a happier life at home without having to worry about your dogs actions. Dog training is also something that the whole family can enjoy whilst facilitating a closer bond to your dog.  

We have various dog training options available whether you prefer to have one-on-one training at home or would like to train your dog in a group class, we will always be able to accommodate you. Training your dog from puppy age is extremely important in regards to your puppies development and has a direct influence on how your puppy behaves later on in life, the sooner you start with training your puppy the sooner you will see results. Our dog trainers will give you their undivided attention and will guide you and your dog where you need it the most.

What you can expect when training your dog with us:

·       Sit

·       Down

·       Stay

·       Leave

·       Name recognition

·       Household manners

·       Correct socializing techniques

·       How to correctly walk your dog

·       Assistance with toilet training

·       Impulse control: jumping, biting, chewing on things etc.