Nervous dog? Try these steps!

Owning a nervous dog can be challenging for a dog owner. It takes a lot of patience, time and understanding. The following is a quick summary that you can use to help your nervous dog to relax, which will make training and daily life generally easier. 

Classical music. One of the best ways to help your dog calm down, play some Mozart!

Mat behavior.  A great way of calming them down is giving them safe place to be. Teach them to lie down on a mat when they're upset and they will learn that this is better than being nervous.

Calm down. This one is for you, the owner. Your dog will often take after your actions. When your'e calm, they're calm. simple.

Consistency. It works when training your dog and will also work when calming him down. Pick a routine and stick to it.

Distance. Sometimes your dog just requires a bit of space. Do not fuss over your dog when they are nervous, you will more than likely only make the situation worse and teach them to cry for attention.

The Mobile Dog Trainer team really hopes that when you follow these tips you will learn something new with your nervous dog!