Mobile Dog Trainer and who we are, what we stand for.

Mobile Dog Trainer is not just another dog training company, we believe that every dog and their owner deserves a chance at growing old together.

We created an easy-to-understand system of dealing with our clients and their needs when it comes to training their dogs, a system so simple that anyone can use it. We have always believed that dog training should never be about simply teaching a dog to sit, but rather about teaching both the owner and dog about getting along well together. Happy dogs often have happy owners and the results speak for themselves. Our training is, and always will be, one-on-one.

Our protection work is outstanding. We have countless years in this field and often enjoy watching the very same protection dogs that we have trained grow up with their families. We also pride ourselves in training "for real", we train exclusively as if the worst were to happen. This training method has proven to yield fantastic results for our clients who place a lot of trust in us and their protection dogs.

Simply put, we are a dog training company that trains exclusively at the home of the pet. We train for the real world environment and believe that every dog owner deserves to be happy with their dog. The Mobile Dog Trainer also prides ourselves on being discreet with our clients, offering the highest levels of trust is always guaranteed with us.