Keep your German Shepard healthy!

German Shepard's are definitely one of the more hands on breeds that enjoy being worked and having their minds engaged. Here are some great ways to keep them healthy:


If you own a German Shepard you will know that their energy levels are immense and sometimes seems to never end. As the owner it is up to you to ensure that these energy levels are maintained in your dog and that your dog consumes their food in a controllable manner. Some of the easier ways of doing this is to make use of a slow feeder and to also feed your dog a high quality dog food.


German Shepard's are a notoriously intelligent breed. They will use their brain power in many applications whether it be to raid the fridge or to track down the bad guys - their levels of intelligence is outstanding. With this is in mind it would be best to keep them entertained, you have many options available however your best option would be with actually taking the time to train your dog.


When owning a German Shepard it is very important that you take an active part in your dogs life. They are a super active breed and as such excessive weight gain is never a good thing. Keep them trim and fit and they will do the rest!