Has your dog got anxiety?

Having an anxious dog is a common issue, every dog has anxiety on a certain level. Whether it's noticeable or not here are a few answers to your questions.


There are many things and events that can trigger anxiety in your dog. One of these is a distressing event that your dog had to go through. Most dogs adapt relatively quickly to life changing events, the few that don't will often never be the same again. It also has a lot to do with how the dog is handled by it's owners. Most times you will find that the owner has either been too overbearing on the dog or the dog is spoilt to the point where it gets everything whenever it wants and however it wants. Correcting this behavior in your dog and allowing them to be themselves is the first step towards better behavior in your dog. Take it slow with them and try to understand what is causing their emotional stress, understanding with your dog goes a long way.


Short answer - there isn't much you can actually do about it. Unfortunately once your dog gets to a certain level of anxiety all you as an owner can do is to make things more comfortable for them. Dogs don't understand things the same way we do, so getting an answer from them is impossible as to what is causing their anxiety. There are however a few things you can do with them to help lower the stress levels that may be causing your dogs anxiety. One of these is dog training, obedience training is a great way to get them to settle and give their minds something else to do. You can also go to the dog park, that is an excellent way of giving your dog something else to do other than sit at home all day being distressed. Work with your dog and involve them in your life, they're part of the family after all.