"Anybody that doesn't know what soap tastes like, never washed a dog." - Franklin P. Jones

We are a team of passionate individuals that understands how a well-trained dog is meant to behave in both the home and outside environment. 

Dog training is our passion, we work with all breeds, types and sizes. From both older dog training to brand new puppies that require dog training. Not only do we train your dog in the comfort of your own home we also pride ourselves in upholding the highest level of confidentiality and privacy among our clients. 

We always go the extra mile when it comes to keeping our clients happy, whether they walk on two legs or four.

What you can expect when training your dog with us:

·       Sit

·       Down

·       Stay

·       Leave

·       Name recognition

·       Household manners

·       Correct socializing techniques

·       How to correctly walk your dog

·       Assistance with toilet training

·       Impulse control: jumping, biting, chewing on things etc.

·       Home protection

·       Anti-Hijack

·       Vehicle protection